You come here to finish me off, Sweetheart?

September 17, 2011

since then., i'm....

on the august 30th 2011, yeah the muslims still doing the “HUNGRY DAY” and that day suppose to be LATS “HUNGRY DAY” but the truth is not HWAHAHAHAHA. the PMI on Indonesia said that “HARI RAYA” suppose to be on 31th 2011 bcs the “HILAL” yet comming, or… we cant see yet.
ohyea last week before 30th august, me and Rama had a fight. bcs Rama thinks that im not serious love him. YAP HE KNOW THAT I HAVE CRUSH ON HIM. we’re fight, fight, fight, and fight. but the next of the day we’re fine. he apologyze and he said he want to be like before.
fyi, i know Rama since first day at school at 7JHS, he was crushed on me for first saw HAHAHAHA, i know that bcs he said to me on BBM (Blackberry Messanger) its kinda cute when you see the text HAHAHAHAHA. he know me from my friend, NUBIRA. THANKS BIRA!! HUGHUGHUG {} and yes we’re same class on EF (english first)
OH YAAAA, almost forget! on august, 5th 2011 its was friday. me and my Nabila accompany our friends, Alin and Arfi who were dating had a fight. me and Nabila accompany them to break the problem, and theyre break up. WHOAH break up doesnt end up all the problems, i think. so, we’re go on our class and then… RAMA’S AND HIS FRIENDS ON HIS CLASS AAAAAA. whatta cute
but Rama and his friends go to the mosque to have “JUMAATAN” on every muslims in whole word, and then Rama chat Nabila and said “dont let fullah’s go home” and ofc, Nabila said “why?” and Rama said “i wanna shoot her, today.” fckyea, my friends not let me go home HAHAHAHA
after that, Rama and his friends came. Rama call me and he said he want talk with him. so i went to meet him, and…………………… ALL HIS FRIENDS SHOUTED AT US HAHAHAHA. so i sit on the bench and looking to my friends. Rama approached me and said….. “Fullah, aku suka kamu. mau ga jadi pacar aku?” that day i suppose to said “YES” but the truth is i said “NO” bcs yea my exboyf still on my head but i love Rama and i have “GALAU” feeling. when i said “NO” he embrace me and he go to the bathroom. i waited him till he get back, and when he get back he…. HE WAS CRIED AND I FEEL SO GUILTY. but still he’s okay, we’re fine.
on 30th august, after i ate my food. Nubira chatted me and said “Rama mau nembak kamu lagi, tapi ga langsung di terima ga?” i said “gasik” HWAAHAHAHAHA after that….
Rama: nyuk
me: ape
Rama: fullah mau ga haheho
me: mau lebaraaaan
Rama: maaf nyuk gabisa ngomong langsung lagi, fullah mau ga jadi pacar aku?
me: mau ga yaaa……..
Rama: seriuuussss
me: iya nyuuuk
and since that day, i am Rama Adi Nugraha’s