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Juni 02, 2010

find gifts :)

yey bloggers!
today I was find gifts to my friend's, Dita and Fira. They just had birthday on last monday. and they told, they will treat me and my classmates to eat in Ciwalk :) yap, free food! yeaaah, so me and my classmates to buy gifts from them both.

and I've to school for guardian practice. yeah must wear uniforms, and yap! I wear it. but, uniforms must wearing shoes, but not me! i wearing crocs :) yeah I think just practice, not studying. so I wear it :)

at school there was a programing of exchange gifts. yeah I got small towel, while i giving two pencil and key chains. well, Excell same. he give a key chains too :)

oke to the point:
in ciwalk we(I, Amot, Abel, Tary) find a good gifts. yeaaaah, so many a good gift but so many expensive items. while, we just had a 200ribu rupiah. whats that?

yap, but we've got it! for Dita and Fira :) wish you like it.

and, I've been calling my boy. yap, he is Excell. 13munites 34seconds :) REKOR! waw so long. much of what we were talking about. about next saturday, about the schooll, about exchange gifts, and so many :) yap but Om Pepy(he's driving) disturbing. aaaaahhhhh thanks god, that is so long :) and he voice so cute and so difference. if in school he's voice so large, but when in the phone, he's voice not too large :)
aah thanks a lot god :))))

*sorry ya, kalo bahasa inggris gue kurang lancar. yap sedikit gue make google translate hahah :) cuma mau ngetes inggris gue yang amburadul.

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