You come here to finish me off, Sweetheart?

Mei 23, 2010

why? oh why?

blog, gue mau nanya nanya ttg cintrong cintrongan.

entah mengapa*tsaaah* gue sedih baca ini, yeah. of course, orang yang ngerasain namanya controng memang selalu mendramatisi gyakakaka :D

Hey boy. you know? love make people crazy. Love is virus must be avoided, but we have to go to trought if it is exposed to the virus.

but everyone knows? I've more love to you. love can't be seen, but can only be felt.

my hearts says : only you who has handsome in this world, only you who made me fallin love with you up like this. :)

I like the way you always make me smile, laugh, be entertaimed, and feel beauty of going out with you :)))))


you're everything to me. can't say with words, but you can already feel it.

10 months, long enough. hopefully we can make ut till marriage amin. :)

I love you darling.
Im yours, you're mine :)
that is the principle

2 komentar:

12silverqueen12 mengatakan...

hadoh, fullah fullah, kamu kayanya cinta bneran yah, sama siapa sih ma c abang?

sekedar ngasih tau, jgn trlalu cinta yah !! resikonya tinggi :))

Dysa Bieber mengatakan...

yap ka! aku jg tau da resiko nya, tapi da mau digimanain lagi uh dia teh udah akay hidup aku gt