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Januari 22, 2010

cute love story? realy?

aku tadi minta Atsa buat ngirimin sms itu.
dan kata saya sih yah lucu aja gt hehe

nih die:

This is a cute love story.
A girl and boy were holding hands and suddenly the girl asked.
Girl: Am i pretty?
Boy: No
girl: do you wish to live with me?
boy: no
girl: will you cry if i leave you?
boy: no
The girl started to cry.
The boy pulled her close to him and hug her.
She even cried louder.
The boy kissed her in the lip to stop her crying and said:
"you are not pretty but you are beautiful. i dont want to live you but i live for you. i wont cry but i'll die. I love you"

a cute story? realy?

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