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Januari 16, 2010

Bestfriend is perfect??

to: my all bestfriend changed

  • Aisha Anjani Suhud
  • Alya Rahmalina & Dwitya Vania Devi*sama maksut nya*
  • Bandoro Nurachman Bachrun
  • Ravi Rahardy Putra
  • Sarah Alya

  • Aisha Anjani Suhud
since a 5th grade we have been bestfriend. even thought we know each other 2 classes, but we are friends of her 5th grade. The first 5 classes I feel that in this 5th class will not be well-classes. and I thought I would not have a friend like 3 first class. but I'm just going to be who I own, which is what it appears.

and then we were always together. we often pour out our hearts each. Aisha, I really like the attitude you are very wise.

Aisha is very tomboyish, cool, and not narssistic! :P

until in the end, we parted in class 6. she class 6B, and I'm in class 6F. we've rarely play anymore, we've rarely vent again, but we still like to get together with.

but now, she's very coquettish, she was so not the same anymore like she used to. and I think that she is now a child who isn't smart anymore, she values now declining, and she now just thinking about playing it than learning.

it's because I don't like the changes you. not just me who says such things, but almost all friends

i'm sorry :((

  • Alya Rahmalina & Dwitya Vania Devi

We had a long have friend's

Alya, anything because she threatened you in, you are so changed and you're really really sorry? Was it just because you changed? I want you to reply first Alya Toa that I love

and Cia, what just because Alya and Aisha and you apologize too? What is just? What you really forgive all the mistakes she told you?

and it was make you guys CHANGED!!!!! :@

  • Bandoro Nurachman Bachrun
he is my best friend, and we have long had a friend. he's very good to me, and he always vent to me. he always said that "FRIEND IS PERFECT, and I love ALL FRIENDS INCLUDING ME YOU LOVE ME MOST" and I'm also very fond of my best friend.

He often told us about him interesting experiences, until he told he girlfriend. and I really liked the story of her story. very interesting.

but since the 6th grade, he is very arrogant to me. he no longer cared what happened to me, even he gets to insult me. I just want him to always says: "FRIENDS IS PERFECT and I love ALL MY FRIENDS INCLUDING ME YOU LOVE MOST" I just wanted to hear, and saw him send a message to me.

and found that he was so because one of his friends like me. his name: Shultan Bara, he was like me

but why just because he was afraid one of his bestfriend was angry, he has insult me, and he don't care anymore to me :((

i just want you before and you always say that word


  • Ravi Rahardy Putra

he is my best friend from kindergarten. and he was very very very good to me. and I got to have time to like him. hehe :))

we have long friends. we have long vent to each other, we have long laugh with each other, we have long listened to each other our hearts content. WE HAVE LONG BESTFRIEND. and bestfriends we never broke up

he called me "KBI" and i called him "KBO" cool isn't?

i'm sorry if i was wrong about you, if I've hurt your feeling, if I've had a fight with you and say "GEMBEL FUCK" to you. I'm sorry. but if thats make you changed and makes you forget to our friendship?

verry sorry. where are you now?
where the "KBO"?

KBO, i apologize

Don't make's me always thinking about our friendship broke.

I'm so sorry :((

I just want you first

  • Sarah Alya Regita Cahyani
we were bestfriend's from grade 5th, very close

but since you going out with Rifky Aulia Rahman Wanee you've changed, you don't like the first. you don't pious again, you open your hood, you've very sensitive, you arrogant and you no longer innocent. you're also rare prayer

and you make's note's about me has changed.
I changed? what changed? yaya, maybe I changed, but I changed it so much like FASHION! but i felt i don't changed the nature, the same as before!
but you actually become so

you like to create a rumors

you aren't satisfiedhave bestfriend like us?

and you blame EXCELL!!!!

don't blame Excell! he wasn't wrong! he not wrong! HE NOT WRONG!!!!!!!!

you now love gossip, and your rumors also rather strange weird, why?
you aren't satisfied to feel all your friend love you?

your weird now! and i don't like you now!

I don't want to apologize to you, if you don't want apologize to me first.
I'm not wrong! but you!

I just want you first.

and maybe i've changed
and i'm sorry if changed, and make's you guys doesn't care anymore to me.

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